Essential Services to Consider when Choosing an Underground Concrete Tank Contractor

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Essential Services to Consider when Choosing an Underground Concrete Tank Contractor

23 January 2019
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Did you know that despite being the driest continent in the world—70% of Australia is arid—Australia is among the top ten countries in the world with the highest rate of water consumption per person? The statistics are worrying if you consider that groundwater sources in Australia are drying up. It is for this reason that rainwater harvesting has become indispensable. For instance, property owners are turning to concrete contractors to design and construct underground water storage tanks. However, unlike underground plastic tanks, concrete tanks are a permanent installation; therefore, careful consideration must be made when engaging a concrete contractor. Underground concrete tank construction is a significant undertaking, and any unprofessional work will cost you a lot. This article lists must-have services that potential concrete contractor should offer.

In-House Surveyor -- It is common for property owners to have a mental plan on where they want an underground concrete tank to go, even before engaging a contractor. While there is nothing wrong with such plans, the truth is that you need the expert opinion of a surveyor. A qualified and independent surveyor will provide a detailed report on the appropriate site to install the tank based on local authority regulations and design considerations. Notably, some concrete contractors have in-house surveyors; therefore, you get to enjoy the services at subsidised rates. It will save you hundreds of dollars because survey work by independent survey firms does not come cheap.

Continuous Inspection and Maintenance – In some underground concrete tank construction projects, the completion of the task marks the end of the client-contractor relationship. However, although concrete tanks are durable, it is essential to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the containers to prevent concrete deterioration and possible leaks. That said, the cost of inspection and support can be high, especially if the tank holds more than 5,000 gallons of water at a time. Therefore, you need to choose a concrete contractor who offers continuous inspection and maintenance of the tank as part of the contract. The charges are usually discounted.

Assist with Approval and Permits -- According to the Australian laws, construction of an underground concrete tank requires the approval of the local council because underground tanks must meet sanitation and environmental standards. Depending on the sensitivity of the location or the council office, the approval process can be long and tedious. Therefore, instead of handling the approval process alone, consider hiring a contractor who will do it on your behalf. Since the nature of their job puts concrete contractors in regular contact with council officials, they can help you to speed up the process.

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