How Does Slipforming Reduce Your Concrete Kerbing Costs?

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How Does Slipforming Reduce Your Concrete Kerbing Costs?

14 November 2022
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If you need to create concrete kerbs, then you have decide which type of concrete to use. While your contractors can pour concrete on-site or order pre-made kerbs, you can also use slipforming for this kind of work.

This process uses a specialist machine that extrudes concrete through a mould in the right places. As the machine moves along, it leaves behind a fully-formed kerb that meets your exact specification.

You should take a serious look at slipforming before you choose how to construct your kerbing. It can reduce your project costs. How will you save money?

Get Lower Material and Equipment Costs

If you use traditional mixing and pouring techniques to create kerbing, then you pay for a range of different materials and equipment. Your contractors need to make the concrete and pour it into place. They might need to add reinforcing materials to give your kerbing more strength.

The materials they need to buy and the more tools and equipment they need to use both affect your final costs. You pay more for more complex work.

Slipforming is typically a cheaper process. It doesn't need a lot of equipment or tools. Its mix goes straight into the machine that lays the concrete. If you use a fibre-enhanced mix, then you might not need to reinforce kerbing areas before you slipform them. So, your kerbing cost-per-foot should be cheaper.

Reduce Labour Costs

The complexity of a kerbing job increases your labour costs. If your contractor needs a lot of manpower to finish the job, then their charges increase. You pay for every day it takes them to complete the job.

So, for example, if you order precast concrete kerbing, then your contractor will need a larger crew. They'll have to get each part of a kerb into the right position. They'll then have to connect the pieces together and make sure that they have the right finish.

If you pour kerbing on site, then your job will take longer. Traditional poured concrete takes time to dry and cure. It might need some finishing work after this stage.

Slipforming is a fast and efficient process. Your contractor won't need to have a large crew on site. The slipforming machine produces your kerbing automatically. Its high-quality extruded concrete doesn't typically need any finishing work.

Plus, the concrete that comes out also starts to set as soon as it hits the ground. Your job will be finished faster. So, lower labour costs and faster job completion rates will save you money.

To find out more, contact a local slipform concrete contractor and ask how they can help you complete your project.