Reasons for Establishing a Concrete Driveway

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Hello, my name is Tony. I recently decided to rip up my asphalt driveway and lay concrete down in its place. My drive is very big and I didn't fancy using a wheelbarrow to transport all of the wet concrete that would be required to complete the job so I decided to rent a concrete pump. The only problem was that I didn't have a clue which was the right pump for me. I visited a concrete contractor who gave me some great advice about choosing and operating a concrete pump. He also helped me to lay the concrete. I learnt so much I just had to share it here.


Reasons for Establishing a Concrete Driveway

27 January 2022
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Concrete is a durable and strong surface, ideal for supporting the weight of vehicles and foot traffic. It doesn't rot or warp in the rain, nor does it draw termites to your property. Thus, once you establish the paving, it will last for many years. Here are several further reasons to opt for a concrete driveway.

Colour Options

Concrete provides plenty of colour options. As well as opting for light grey, you can choose virtually any other colour. For example, choose an elegant dark charcoal driveway, which is ideal for traditional or modern homes. You can also pick different earthy hues, such as a burnt red colour that mimics terracotta clay or red desert soil.

Colour can be applied in various ways. Contractors can apply pigments to the cement, so the colour continues throughout and won't chip or flake off. Dry shake colours and stains are applied after the concrete has been poured to give the driveway antiquing and marbling effects.

Texture Choices

Concrete also gives you a lot of texture choices. If you want a smooth surface that protects your car from wear and tear, you can pour the concrete to form an even cover. You could simply embellish it with colour. However, you can add subtle texture with stencilled concrete. This decorative concrete uses a paper-like stencil to create patterns using colour. The stencil leaves slight grooves, indicating faux grout lines between pavers, for example.

Alternatively, stamped concrete can be treated to mimic cobblestones, which will create a more bumpy driveway. Another way to add texture is with the protruding stones and pebbles of exposed aggregate concrete. A benefit of textured concrete is that it increases the grip and traction of the surface, making it safer.

Different Shapes

You can also form different shapes with a poured concrete driveway. Create a simple rectangle driveway or a smooth arch. Over a large area, you can add interest with a border in a contrasting colour or texture. Concrete forms neat edges that show off the driveway shape to perfection.

Low Maintenance

These driveways are also a low-maintenance option. To protect the paving, you should seal it as recommended, especially if you've laid decorative concrete. Once you've done that, you won't have to worry about it besides removing any leaves or debris. A benefit of colours and textures is that they hide dirt and keep the driveway looking new for longer.