3 Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Underground Concrete Water Tank

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3 Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Underground Concrete Water Tank

21 July 2022
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If you want to install a concrete water tank, then you can site it on the ground or under it. If you're short of surface space and prefer to keep your tank out of sight, then an underground build is a good option.

However, before you order your new tank, ask yourself the following questions. The answers will help you choose the right product.

1. Where Do You Want To Put The Tank?

The location you want to use for a water tank affects the size of the tank you can install. While you don't lose surface space when you site a tank under the ground, you do have to have suitable underground space.

For example, the ground has to be clear of buried infrastructure such as utility pipes or cables. You have to keep within the boundary lines of your property, and you might need to leave a certain amount of space between the tank and a neighbouring property.

The ground itself has to be robust enough to hold the tank. For example, if your chosen plot has had flooding problems in the past, it might not be a suitable holding space for the tank.

In some cases, your preferred location might not work for you. For example, if you have a lot of underground infrastructure in the site you've chosen, then you might not be able to get a large enough tank in that area. You might need to install a smaller unit or switch to using a different location.

2. Do You Need A Permit?

You might need to apply for a permit to install an underground water tank depending on your location. Some councils will want to see plans before they approve your installation to ensure that the area is suitable for the tank and that you meet their planning requirements.

3. Do You Want A Precast Or Bespoke Tank?

Some people install precast underground concrete water tanks. Here, you order a tank of a specific size. Your supplier then delivers it in a ready-built condition and installs it.

This option doesn't work for every installation. For example, if you want an unusually sized or shaped tank, then you might need a bespoke build. Or, if you don't have access to heavy machinery on your land, then you might need to hire a contractor who can pour the concrete to build the tank on site.

For more help, contact concrete underground water tank contractors.