Concrete Mixes to Consider When Embarking On Construction

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Concrete Mixes to Consider When Embarking On Construction

4 January 2018
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One of the ubiquitous building supplies in the market is concrete. Thus, it is not surprising that if you are looking to engage in some form of construction on your property, this would be one of the first materials that you will budget for. Nonetheless, just because you need concrete does not mean that you should buy the first mix that you come across. Newbies to construction may not be aware that there are different types of formulas that have been designed for various purposes. Knowing what your construction needs are and the types of concrete available would ensure that you buy the right product. So what are the types of concrete mixes that you can consider when embarking on construction?

Regular strength concrete

As suggested by its name, this type of concrete is the standard option that people gravitate toward when purchasing building supplies. The regular strength mix is best for projects that will have relatively medium pressure exerted on them such as a deck, a patio and even indoor flooring. The main advantage of ordinary mix concrete is that it has a quick setting time. Therefore, you will be able to utilise the space it has been applied on in a short duration. Nonetheless, be wary about installing it on areas that are exposed to the weather as it will require intensive maintenance if its surface is to stay intact.

Porous mixes

If you are thinking of using concrete as part of your landscape but would like an environmentally friendly alternative, a porous mixture would be your best bet. Once this type of concrete hardens, pores for on its surface. These pores facilitate the drainage of water from the surface of the concrete and into the ground. Thus, not only can you minimise puddling on your property, but you would also be ensuring the ground below does not become dehydrated from lack of moisture. Pervious concreting is ideal for driveways and garden walkways.

High strength mix

If you are constructing a structure that would require a high tensile strength, then you would be advised to purchase high strength mixes that would provide you with an enhanced load bearing capacity. Thus, high strength mixes are better suited when you are building a foundation, a driveway, structural beams and more. Minimal water is used when mixing the concrete which functions to make the concrete as hard as possible. Moreover, High strength mixes are characterised by having superplasticisers incorporated into the concrete, so that the material stays pliable when being applied rather than it hardening prematurely.

Speak with a concrete contractor to learn more about which type of concrete will suit your needs.