Two reasons to use concrete for the construction of your commercial building

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Two reasons to use concrete for the construction of your commercial building

21 August 2017
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There are many types of materials that can be used to construct a property. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider using concrete for the construction of your commercial building.

It allows for a fast and efficient construction process

If you want your commercial building to be ready for occupation as soon as possible, then it is worth opting for concrete over other construction materials. With the help of a commercial concrete pumping service, it is possible to construct a concrete building in a matter of weeks.

A commercial concrete pumping truck arrives on a building site with concrete that has been pre-mixed. This spares on-site labourers from having to spend their time prepping the concrete for use.

The pumping truck also pours the concrete onto the building area automatically and continuously, which makes the pouring process extremely efficient. In most cases, it takes just a few minutes for the pumping mechanism to transfer and place the concrete into the desired location. This, in turn, can drastically increase the speed with which the construction work is completed.

It's exceptionally durable

Concrete is considerably more durable than other building materials and as such, is an excellent choice if you want your commercial building to last for several decades.

Unlike timber, for example, it will not rot or develop mould when exposed to humidity and rainwater, or deteriorate in the presence of pests such as termites.

It is also fire-resistant and as such, can withstand exposure to high heats for a significant amount of time before it begins to crumble. This is a particularly important point to note if your commercial building is likely to contain a substantial amount of combustible materials (such as solvents, wood, or paper products) or will be used to perform activities that could increase the chances of a fire breaking out (such as, for instance, torch cutting, soldering, or welding).

Additionally, concrete buildings are generally far more structurally sound than their timber counterparts and as such, are better able to withstand strong winds without sustaining costly damage. This is something which is worth keeping in mind if you intend to construct your building in an area which is prone to hurricanes, as storm damage can not only be hugely expensive to repair but can also result in major financial losses for your business, if you need to close down your operations to complete the repair work.