Three Great Ways to Use Concrete in Your Tiny Home

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Three Great Ways to Use Concrete in Your Tiny Home

18 August 2017
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When building a tiny home, it's easy to feel limited with both space and options for building materials. Break free from your tiny shackles and consider introducing concrete intro your tiny home build in the following three innovative ways.

Don't just be fab, be prefab!

While an isolated, rural tiny home may be the dream for many, tiny homes are just as common in residential areas, where suburban noise can be a major hurdle. Prefabricated concrete can create a significant sound buffer, allowing your tiny home to be a true petite oasis in the humdrum of city living. If your tiny home is motivated by an eco-friendly approach to living, prefabricated, recycled concrete is an energy-efficient, sustainable construction method. You'll also benefit from a durable exterior, making your tiny home a haven from weather, pests and deterioration.

Decorate outdoors with colour and texture

A beautiful, yet practical, outdoor entertainment area is really crucial to successfully living in a tiny home. This is especially true if you have a family — the outdoor living areas help to balance the small interior living space. Whether your family desires an area for meals, entertaining, bike-riding or simply a stable and comfortable spot for a chair and a book, a concrete surface is a solid foundation. For a little colour and texture, you may want to consider concrete aggregate in your outdoor living area. Exposed aggregate can be customised to suit your colour palette, and it provides a stylish yet hard-wearing outdoor surface, integrating natural elements for an ideal extension of the modern eco-friendly tiny home. If your tiny home is transportable, you can still use outdoor concrete tiles and products to create a comfortable alfresco area for entertaining.

Harness the power of concrete inside

There are a variety of ways that you can integrate concrete in your tiny home's interior for an elegant yet manageable finish. For tiny homes with a foundation, polished concrete flooring is an ideal way to keep your tiny home tidy, modern and easy to maintain on a budget. If you are concerned about the starkness of concrete flooring, rest assured that soft furnishings and rugs can warm the environment considerably while maintaining the dust-free perks of your concrete tiny home floor. Concrete benchtops can be used for both practical and stylish benefit in your kitchen or bathroom areas. Concrete is ideally suited as an inexpensive, polished and durable benchtop, providing a solid yet neutral basis for your tiny home's lifespan.

For more information on concrete uses in your future tiny home, chat with your experienced local concrete contractors today for expert advice and a competitive quote.