Landscaping Hacks Concrete Contractors Can Use for Your Landscape

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Landscaping Hacks Concrete Contractors Can Use for Your Landscape

1 August 2017
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When you start mapping out how you want to landscape your property for kerb appeal and gardening options, you will likely end up looking to concrete contractors for help. You may know what you want to achieve, but getting the right design may not be as easy. You may also think that you will not be able to get the options you want because of property size or location constraints. Here are a few of the landscaping hacks concrete contractors can use for your landscape.

Use of Cinder Blocks

When you think of concrete cinder blocks, you may think of the foundation of a home or a walled in area like a retaining wall or pump enclosure. Concrete contractors can use cinder blocks to offer a way to plant your herbs, flowers or greenery. You don't need separate pots for the plants and they allow for easy drainage as well. They can also use the same type of concrete blocks to build a fence line or privacy screen that is durable, helps with drainage, and with the right staggering of the bricks can give an updated curb appeal to your property.

Outdoor Furnishings

One of the last things you may think of when you think of your landscape and concrete contractors is outdoor furniture. Concrete contractors can design and create several pieces of outdoor furniture including patio tables, benches and even chairs. All you need is to add your favourite cushions and decor. They can also create small sitting benches for garden areas.

Some concrete contractors will already have several designs mapped out or on display. Keep in mind that they can usually make changes to the design for your particular needs. The hack to this is that concrete can be sealed and will not break or lose its durability over time like typical outdoor furniture.

Air Vents and Circulation

One of the problems that many people have with their landscaping, especially patios and other outdoor entertaining areas, is the ventilation. The air can tend to stagnate in certain areas of the property which makes the outdoor living area a bit unbearable and unusable during certain times of the years. Your concrete contractor can use various types of concrete blocks and layouts to create natural ventilation and circulation to the area while still giving a curb appeal to the area and maintaining your privacy.

These are just a few of the landscaping hacks concrete contractors can bring to your property. If you are ready to move forward, consider a consultation with concrete contractors in your area to discuss further options and pricing.