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Renting a Concrete Pump

Hello, my name is Tony. I recently decided to rip up my asphalt driveway and lay concrete down in its place. My drive is very big and I didn't fancy using a wheelbarrow to transport all of the wet concrete that would be required to complete the job so I decided to rent a concrete pump. The only problem was that I didn't have a clue which was the right pump for me. I visited a concrete contractor who gave me some great advice about choosing and operating a concrete pump. He also helped me to lay the concrete. I learnt so much I just had to share it here.


5 Benefits of Using Concrete Slabs

31 March 2021
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Different types of concrete slabs are used for different applications depending on their suitability to the site and climate zone. Concrete slabs will deliver numerous advantages irrespective of whether installed on-ground, near ground level or suspended slabs constructed above the ground. This also applies to precast slabs manufactured away from the site and brought in with special equipment. Here are the benefits of using concrete slabs in your construction project. Read More …

The Advantages of Underground Concrete Water Tanks

23 December 2020
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Having access to the municipal water supply does not mean you will always have water when you need to use it. If you live in an area that is extremely prone to water shortages, you will have to find ways of supplementing your mainline water.  Installing an underground water tank is an effective way to ensure your household has a back-up water supply in the event of an interruption to your municipal water. Read More …

3 Reasons to Install a Precast Concrete Water Tank

15 September 2020
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If you've chosen to use a concrete water tank on your property, then you have to decide whether to pour the tank on-site or whether to precast it. A precast tank is made in a factory setting; your contractor then delivers it to your site ready for installation. What are the benefits of using a precast tank? 1. Create a Stronger Tank One of the benefits of using a concrete water tank is longevity. Read More …

How You Know You Should Repave Your Business Car Park

11 December 2019
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You have always repainted your business's building to ensure your customers don't see those dingy walls. But did you know that your customers are also keen on the condition of your car park? It makes the first impression, so you shouldn't keep it in bad shape. Every proud company owner or manager wants their customers to find a safe and attractive car park. Painting the walls of your building won't change the image of your business or company if the car park is damaged. Read More …

Can You Ensure Consistent Delivery of Concrete When Working at Height?

26 July 2019
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If you have to build an extension on top of an already tall structure, then you have some logistical challenges to overcome. This job will call for a lot of concrete, and you will need to ensure that it can be delivered to this remote location with maximum consistency and without any downtime. As you may know, a variety of different types of pump are available to help facilitate this type of project, but you will need to overcome some problems if everything is to be as efficient as possible. Read More …