Reasons to Lay Exposed Aggregate on Your Property

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Reasons to Lay Exposed Aggregate on Your Property

22 June 2021
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If you love the beauty of natural stone but want to use concrete in your garden, you could install exposed aggregate, which combines both elements. To find out about further benefits of this concrete paving option, read on.

Offers Colour Options

Exposed aggregate is created when aggregates like crushed rock, seashells, and coloured glass are mixed into cement. The concrete is then poured on-site, and before it completely hardens, the top layer is washed away to reveal the embellishments. You can create colourful surfaces for your patio, pool deck, and paths by choosing stones in colours such as blue, red, yellow, and purple. You can combine different colours for a unique look. This flexibility lets you integrate the paving with the landscape and your home, as you can echo hues from the external walls, flowers or plants.

Provides Safe Textured Surfaces

Because the pebbles protrude from the surface, this concrete forms safe paving with excellent traction. That's why many people love it around their pool. However, even across a patio, drive, or path, it's crucial to lay surfaces that aren't slippery when it rains. Exposed aggregate keeps everyone as safe as possible on your property.

Disguises Stains

The colours and textures of exposed aggregate help to disguise any marks or stains on the paving. For instance, your car might leak oil over the driveway, and the aggregate colours and textures will provide camouflage. In any case, if you seal the concrete as recommended, it won't tend to absorb liquids. Sealants also bring out the lustrous hues within the pebbles.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Concrete is a tough material that can handle being out in the sun, rain and hail. So exposed aggregate surfaces will withstand the elements with ease so long as you seal the surface, as mentioned. Then, all it will typically need is a rinse using the hose if it collects dirt or debris.

Thus, exposed aggregate provides plenty of benefits. This paving spreads beautiful colours and textures across your property. It offers endless customisation options, as you can pick and choose which aggregates to include to harmonise the paving with the surroundings. Additionally, these surfaces are durable and can withstand all the seasons and natural elements. Because it's so low maintenance, this paving won't rob you of your leisure time. Additionally, your family and friends will be as safe as possible walking on these surfaces, as the aggregates form textures and traction that minimise slipping.