The Advantages of Underground Concrete Water Tanks

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The Advantages of Underground Concrete Water Tanks

23 December 2020
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Having access to the municipal water supply does not mean you will always have water when you need to use it. If you live in an area that is extremely prone to water shortages, you will have to find ways of supplementing your mainline water. 

Installing an underground water tank is an effective way to ensure your household has a back-up water supply in the event of an interruption to your municipal water. But which type of water storage tank should you install? Concrete is a popular choice of construction material for underground water tanks. Here are some fantastic reasons to consider choosing an underground concrete water tank.

Excellent Strength and Durability

Like most concrete structures, concrete water tanks are incredibly strong and highly durable. When installed underground, these water tanks can hold huge quantities of water, which makes them suitable for use in large households.


The materials used to make concrete water tanks — sand, cement, and water — are often available locally and abundantly. This makes it possible to mass-produce concrete water tanks. The mass production of these tanks drives costs down, making them relatively inexpensive to build.

Good Water Quality

Water quality is a huge concern for homeowners that want to store potable water. If installed and maintained correctly, an underground concrete tank can keep the water free of contaminants. This way, families can stay safe by drinking clean water.

Unlike plastic tanks, concrete tanks do not alter the natural taste or odour of the water. You are assured of enjoying every sip of water from your underground reservoir.

Cool Water Temperatures

Everyone appreciates a cold glass of water on hot summer days. If you are going to store your potable water underground, you will want to make sure it remains cold all summer. Concrete is a poor insulator of heat. It is the perfect material for keeping your water cold throughout the year.

Design Flexibility

Concrete water tanks come in a variety of standard sizes and shapes but can also be custom-built to suit your site's needs. This gives you greater flexibility when it comes to the design of your underground tank. 

While underground concrete water tanks are a great choice for homes, they may not be suitable for every situation. Talk to a concrete contractor near you to discuss your water storage needs and determine if installing an underground water tank is right for you.