How You Know You Should Repave Your Business Car Park

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How You Know You Should Repave Your Business Car Park

11 December 2019
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You have always repainted your business's building to ensure your customers don't see those dingy walls. But did you know that your customers are also keen on the condition of your car park? It makes the first impression, so you shouldn't keep it in bad shape. Every proud company owner or manager wants their customers to find a safe and attractive car park. Painting the walls of your building won't change the image of your business or company if the car park is damaged. So here is how you know your car park needs to be repaved:

You Have Potholes Everywhere

You have some repairs to do if the potholes in your car park exceed the parking spots. Car parks with potholes worsen during the rainy season since the puddles get deeper than usual. Some of your customers may jokingly say they need to align the wheels of their cars after visiting your business, and they may be serious about the condition of your car park. You may lose those customers if you don't repair the car park in a timely manner. Potholes are annoying, and they occur when the groundwater contracts and expands. Water expands once it freezes, causing the pavement to expand, bend, crack and get weaker. Repaving a car park with numerous potholes is critical if you want it to have a uniform finish.

Painted Lines Are No Longer Visible

Do you easily see all the painted lines in your car park? If you don't, then your customers had trouble locating them also. Customers will often park their cars over the parking lines if they aren't visible. This means they will not maximise the parking space available, denying other vehicles ample parking space. Most drivers will not drive safely if the parking lines in your car pa are faded. However, drivers can follow the lines if they are clear. So repaint the parking lines to help the drivers embrace safe driving behaviour and enforce orderly driving.

Uneven Paved Surfaces

Could you have a parking spot you are not aware of? Puddles usually form in uneven spots when it rains. When this happens, some of your parking spaces become blocked off. Repave the uneven surfaces before your customers find them annoying. Consult a paving contractor to help you repave your car park before some grumpy customers find their way to your business.

No one should take car park repair lightly since a well-maintained car park boosts the image of a company in a big way. Repair the small cracks and chips that occur during bad weather before they become large cracks. Car park repairs don't only increase the kerb appeal of your business; they also make the car park look new and fresh always.