4 Factors to Consider Before Constructing a Warehouse

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4 Factors to Consider Before Constructing a Warehouse

7 August 2017
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Preplanning is very important if you are going to build a warehouse that will meet your current and future needs. This article discusses some of the important factors that you should have in mind when you are selecting a site for that proposed warehouse building:


You should investigate the proposed site carefully so that you assess how safe that location will be. For instance, is that area prone to flooding? Will you need armed guards to keep your inventory safe from thieves? Find out what safety hazards are present in different potential locations so that you select the site with the fewest safety risks.


Think about the vehicles that will be delivering products to that warehouse. Are there any overhead obstacles that will prevent those trucks from reaching the site? Is there ample space for those trucks to turn within the site? Is the route to the site prone to periodic flooding or major traffic delays? You also need to think about the delivery trucks during the site selection process. For instance, how long will it take the trucks to reach the different distribution points once they leave the warehouse? The best warehouse location is one that is within easy reach of your retail or distribution outlets.


You may also consider how visible your warehouse is going to be if your business relies on marketing directly to the public. For instance, does the site allow the building to be seen by motorists passing on nearby highways or roads? Can you light up the building in the evening and at night so that it is more visible to the public?

Zoning and Planning Laws

It is also important for you to pay attention to the planning and zoning laws of the area around your site. For instance, is there a height limitation on the buildings in that area? Such a limitation can stop you from using overhead lifting equipment to handle your products. Are there weight restrictions on the roads in the area? Is a major highway planned for the area? Such a highway can affect accessibility to the site in case your trucks have to be diverted during the road construction project.

You can avoid many of the challenges that are faced by warehouses if you pay attention to the issues above as you select the best sites. Consult experienced warehouse construction companies for more help in avoiding other mistakes when selecting your sites.