Why Opt for Polished Concrete Surfaces Inside Your Home?

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Why Opt for Polished Concrete Surfaces Inside Your Home?

12 July 2017
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When homeowners think of using concrete on their property, they may only think of a patio, exterior walkways, and the home's driveway. However, polished concrete is quickly becoming very popular as a material for floors and benchtops inside the home. If you've never thought of using polished concrete for these surfaces, note why this material is such a good option and why it can be the best choice in your home.


The density of concrete means that it isn't likely to hold dust, dirt, pet hair and dander, allergens, cigarette smoke and other debris that typically settles into many surfaces of a home. If you're concerned about the overall cleanliness of your home, and especially if you have pets or if anyone in the family has breathing disorders, a solid-surface material like concrete can be better than carpeting or tiles, which tend to trap and lock in these irritants.


Concrete doesn't hold heat very well, so it's usually very cool to the touch; this is something you might appreciate if you live in a warm area or have rooms that get lots of direct, hot sunlight. Concrete can also ensure your kitchen stays cool even when you cook all day and during hot summer months. You can keep the floors of your home warm during the winter by adding area rugs as needed.

Fire safety

Concrete is naturally fire resistant; if you have a gas stove or cook with lots of oil, your home may be at higher risk for kitchen fires. A concrete floor and benchtop can stop any fire that does start and keep it from spreading.

Concrete floors are also good if you have heavy smokers in the home, especially if they tend to fall asleep with a cigarette in their hands. Carpet fibres might easily catch fire from a stray cigarette butt, whereas concrete won't allow a burning cigarette to keep smouldering.


Carpets need regular vacuuming and shampooing, and tile floors may need stripping, waxing and buffing. Timber floors need regular sanding and fresh sealant.

However, concrete is very durable; you only need to mop it when it's dirty and then add fresh sealant every few months, as recommended. Concrete may need a slight buffing if it should get scuffed, but this may only need to be done on occasion. For a floor or benchtop that is very low-maintenance and durable, concrete is one of your best options.

To learn more, contact a concrete contractor in your area.